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For over forty years SPD, a company founded in 1974, has been designing and manufacturing magnetic solutions for all sectors of conventional mechanical processing and beyond. A technical office, full of valuable professionals, has allowed the company to establish itself on the international market as one of the major players in the field of industrial magnetic solutions. Since 2008, SPD, thanks to its extensive knowhow, has been the technology partner of the German group Schunk, the world’s leading manufacturer of work-piece clamping systems and industrial automation.


Reducing energy consumption implies greater respect for environmental resources. The electrical current required is low, it only serves for the mag and demag cycle, which lasts only a few seconds.


Precise scientific rules ensure maximum safety and efficiency of the process. Costs for the mechanical clamping equipment of the work-pieces are eliminated.


The electro-permanent magnetic system works with all metal parts, regardless of their shape. The time required to clamp the work-piece is reduced to zero.


Maximum customisation is the company’s real plus. SPD provides a catalogue full of consolidated industrial applications. On request, the SPD team studies with the customer the most suitable solutions specific to the needs, creating prototypes that are subsequently tested directly on the field. An accurate delivery and after-sales service also makes SPD a reliable partner over time.

Personnel safety and training are the foundations of our business life. We invest in the talent of our people: in the last five years, our staff has doubled.

For us, the true innovation is the one that succeeds in generating value for the customer and profits for its company. We start from here, to propose the best technological solutions.

The use of electro-permanent magnetic systems saves energy resources and, therefore, the environment. And, having the environment at heart, is a clear responsibility for us all.

We shy away from standard solutions. After carefully analysing customers’needs, we build the best solutions with them for their business, quickly moving forward with the design, prototype and completion phases.

Our technology is universal: it can be successfully applied to any machine and can communicate effectively with conventional clamping, handling and lifting systems.

Electro-Permanent magnetism is governed by simple rules, the knowledge of which is fundamental to appreciate the potential of the system. This is why, on request, we organise training courses for all those using our equipment.

Let’s make the magnetic solution you need.

Maximum customisation is SPD’s real plus.