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From the idea of the brothers Albino and Rolando Premoli, SPD was born with a production unit in Caravaggio (BG) for the design and production of equipment using the peculiarities of magnetic and electromagnetic technology


SPD becomes a reference manufacturer of permanent magnetic tools (magnetic bases for comparators holders) for large German customers, who appreciate the quality of the products and the reliability of the Premoli brothers in compliance with delivery conditions. The first batch productions of permanent lever chucks featuring a “dense pole pitch” for tangential and cup grinding begin


SPD widens its portfolio with a range of basic mechanical equipment for work-piece clamping, that will be characterised on the Italian market as one of the best combinations between production and distribution of standard mechanical clamping lines (bearings, brackets and hardware)


SPD acquires its first industrial building and transfers the new production and distribution headquarters from Via Ca Grande to Via Galileo Galilei in Caravaggio, still the headquarters of the SPD group today; the first mass production of the ALNICO lever lifting magnet named SP10 begins with great success on the German market, which has now become the main market of reference. SPD is one of the first family businesses in the area to equip itself with a first integrated software management system supplied by IBM.


There are already 20 employees and the range of magnetic products is growing more and more, allowing the creation of the first SPD production catalogue, containing all the possible variants of magnetic products made in Caravaggio.


The administrative headquarters are built with innovative glass features typical of that time period. In the same location are also created the first spaces for training customers and agents under SPD’s management


SPD expands its premises with the new headquarters in Via Leonardo da Vinci still in Caravaggio with the aim to further internalise the production of mechanical components in its favour


The first “neodymium” lever lifting magnet is born, a great innovation for the Italian market, small, compact and strong called “SP15“.


SPD acquires new industrial buildings in the Caravaggio industrial area and creates the “Fermi” production centre, located in via Fermi, with 10,000 square metres of available space for growth in future years. SPD commences the first production and technological development of the grid electro-permanent magnetic chuck for milling, grinding and turning operations


The first electro-permanent systems for robotics enter SPD’s offering standards. Objects that can be magnetised and demagnetised with multiple cycles per minute of work. Immediate success and first consolidation of a technological leadership which finds enthusiasm in its customers


SPD obtains the first UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification: 1994


There are now 40 employees and the company structure is no longer just the responsibility of the Premoli brothers, but is also a well-tested and effective organisation, with the new figure of Roberto Pola, who manages international sales.


SPD and its social activities: inauguration of a “breast unit” at the Cremona hospital, where SPD is present donating electromagnetic components necessary for diagnosis.


The “Da Vinci” site expands with a new industrial building for the production and testing of large magnetic systems such as lifters for large masses and telescopic beams for sheet metal handling.


SPD, becomes the technology partner of the German group Schunk, the world’s leading manufacturer of workpiece clamping systems and industrial automation. Rolando Premoli leaves the company while Albino Premoli continues as the sole director in close contact with his new partner


First SPD patent for the protection of the magnetic system from short circuit damage. The new MFR line for electro-permanent milling systems and the innovative KSS, a high-tech safety control unit, EC certified by authorised external bodies, have been successfully created for the entire world market.


The first line of products for industrial automation and an entire catalogue of variants are born. Name of the line EGM, in collaboration with partner Schunk, leader in gripping components for robots


The group now has 100 employees and is celebrating 40 years of activity on the market. Schunk becomes the sole owner of SPD and the collaboration between Caravaggio and the Schunk headquarters in Mengen, the reference for the management and development of the worldwide market of Schunk magnetic systems, intensifies and the turnover reaches 15 million Euros. A new industrial building is purchased in via Galilei and the company’s production area reaches 21,500 square metres.


SPD undertakes the first edition of Magnetic Day, an event dedicated to its dealers, for technical updates and product training, as well as the presentation of the company and its production units


Albino Premoli leaves the group and Roberto Pola becomes Managing Director of SPD, managing the sales department, he has accompanied the company until today, helping it to consolidate its presence on the national and international markets. Eng. Filosa takes on the role of general technical director of the company as well as being already R&D manager. The TRETEL and SEP line is born with a catalogue dedicated to heavy lifting and with standardised material ready in stock.


Patent “intelligent magnetic chuck” force gauge


SPD now has 120 employees and its turnover has been increased to 20 million Euros. The first standardised low voltage (24v) EPM line for industrial robotics products is born after great success in its use in dedicated applications for large international customers. Patents for automated magnetic system for rail machining


SPD renews its corporate image, with a new digital presence for the communication of its services and products


Inauguration of the new Research and Development headquarter and Mechatronics production.

Working place dedicated to the planning and the analysis with comfortable workstations in a quite atmosphere.

To support each technician, there’s also a practical laboratory where prototype items take shape and are analysed.

Finally, a mechanical-magnetic test environment for the practical evaluation of what has been achieved and is subject to possible implementations and modifications.

The company’s production area reaches 25,000 square metres.

Let’s make the magnetic solution you need.

Maximum customisation is SPD’s real plus.