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SPD offers a wide range of magnetic solutions for lifting and handling ferrous materials of different shapes and sizes. The products are divided according to the type of lifting or for special solutions.

In the field of lightweight lifting, SPD magnetic solutions are an efficient ally in many operating situations, thanks to their great versatility, ease of use and maximum operational safety for the work team. Minimizing downtime and optimizing operations are just two of the many benefits provided by our magnetic systems, designed to maximize productivity and reduce costs, thus increasing business competitiveness.

In the field of large lifting, that is more than 2 tons, SPD permanent electro magnetic systems allow the picking, transport and release of the load with maximum convenience and in the complete absence of deformation or compression. Our magnetic lifters can be used in the most diverse industries: from mechanical workshops to steel distributors, from steel companies to construction and carpentry, as well as to meet specific special load handling requirements.

Also in battery lifting and in solutions dedicated to large plants, SPD offers permanent electro magnetic lifters indestructible and particularly robust, ideal for any storage need, picking, handling for assembly and finishing operations. Compared to traditional lifting systems, our permanent electro magnetic lifters guarantee less preparation time (both during the pick-up and the part storage phase), greater safety for operators, easier access to the workpiece surface, increased grip flexibility.

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