Electro-permanent magnetic solutions for clamping parts in
various applications, with a wide range of standard products
or special solutions on which SPD has great experience.

Our electro-permanent solutions allow milling, boring and drilling operations on pieces of various shapes and sizes, drastically reducing clamping times and ensuring high precision.

Our electro-permanent solutions are suitable for clamping work-pieces, of any shape, size and thickness, onto any type of grinding machine. Thanks to the low residue demagnetisation, any remanence from the work-piece surface is automatically eliminated.

Our electro-permanent solutions allow the work-piece to be clamped quickly without deforming it, processing it in a single positioning with final accuracy (axiality and circularity) and with very short set up and clamping times.

Our electro-permanent solutions represent great dimensional stability, high precision and optimal flux control thanks to the regulation of power.

Let’s make the magnetic solution you need.

Maximum customisation is SPD’s real plus.